Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013: Pyramid Head and Zombie Nurse From Silent Hill

My eleven year old son wanted us to me Pyramid Head and a zombie nurse from Silent Hill for Halloween this year. I wasn't sure I'd be able to pull it off (the last costume I made was a Super Sailor Moon one around 7 years ago, and Sailor Moon and Silent Hill are completely different things o_O), but I think it turned out very well, especially for him, since it was a kids costume. I ended up not being able to follow any tutorials I found online, because my son is only eleven and all of the tutorials are for grown men. His helmet was made from lightweight poster board foam I grabbed up at the dollar store. Matter of fact, the whole helmet probably cost about $15 in total to make.

The 'bolts' are just bottle and prescription medication caps found laying around in the house, the long, ridged rods on the sides are those big straws you usually find in souvenir cups, the window area (Where he can see through in order to go trick or treating) was just some dollar-a-yard tulle with hemp string over it to make it look like a grating or fence of some sort. Then everything sealed up with hot glue and spray painted black and deep red..
The apron is just some fake leather fabric I found at Wal-Mart for $7 a yard, that I painted to look like Pyramid Head's apron. The shirt is supposed to make it look like he has no shirt on and just has muscles, veins and blood splatter.. but the shirt was a little too big.. Other than that, everything was just right (: The knife is just cardboard all duct-taped up and spray painted.

The zombie nurse mask is plaster gauze I put all over my face, with a few layers of paper machet, then painted white, sprayed with sealant and splattered with dark red paint to look like blood. I used white body paint as well as some of that white hair color spray found at the Halloween shop to make my body pale, then painted all my veins on by hand. The dress is just a regular Dickies nurse dress cut short, stained with tea and splattered with fake blood.
We got a lot of compliments and also unintentionally made a few small children cry (oops!).. lots of people wanted our photo. It was a fun night!

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