Wednesday, January 1, 2014

One Of A Kind Blackened Antique Brass Handmade Necklaces

I've recently created 3 very unique, one of a kind necklaces and place them in my Etsy shop.

They have been handmade using blackened antique brass materials, and also some vintage glass beads encased in antique brass. These go very well with Victorian, Art Nouveau and gothic clothing attire.

One of them features a big butterfly centerpiece with glowing white beads. The other 2 feature open bloomed black daisies with beads in the center. I've put pretty bead caps on every single bead used in these necklaces.. it was a bit of work! ..but fun to do (:

I hope someone who enjoys their unique and beautiful aesthetic will choose to make them theirs soon.

Pink Red Magenta Blackened Antiqued Brass Patina Sunburst Medallion Bloomed Daisy Vintage Beads Necklace Etsy

Blackened Antique Brass Patina Jewelry Handmade Etsy Molly Lenore

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