Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Some Neat One of a Kind Long Feather Earrings I Recently Made

I went pretty over-the-top with these. I had to buy feathers from 3 different suppliers to get the look I wanted! It was well worth it though. Even if no one ever buys them, I love just staring at them sometimes (haha).
They are made with long black and white grizzly rooster feathers, long violet purple fading into electric blue (ombre dyed or tie dyed I think is the term?) rooster feathers, peacock eye feathers, peacock frill feathers.. all wrapped up in pure sterling silver wire (not dipped or silver-filled, but pure silver.. had to work real careful with it!). Then I added violet purple and electric blue pheasant tippet feathers to sterling silver chains that dangle down with the rest of all these glorious beautiful feathers. You'd think these were really heavy, but they only way an ounce, surprisingly.
I call them 'Deja Vu Lucid Flying Dream Earrings' (:

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